James Lovell is a Garifuna Artist originally from Dangriga, the “Cultural Mecca” of Belize. James is a passionate educator, activist, multi-instrumentalist and ardent language conservationist. Through his artistic and pedagogical endeavors he works to safeguard Garifuna music, dance and language. 

James co-founded Illagulei (Roots) a performing arts company which promotes indigenous Garifuna Culture in Central America and the Caribbean. James has released three albums, created the “AfriGarifuna Rhythms” and co-founded the AfriGarifuna Jazz Ensemble. He developed a teaching method that uses music to transmit culture which was implemented UNESCO in a Garifuna Language Retrieval Workshop in Belize. James also co-founded YUGACURE another Garifuna Cultural Retrieval Company, where he facilitated Garifuna Workshops in St. Vincent. James is frequently featured in the media and performs at the United Nation, Lincoln Center and the Smithsonian Institution in New York and Washington DC.  

Garifuna Language Retrieval Programs 
1995- 2005  Illagulei (Roots) Garifuna Performing Arts Company 
Musical Director: responsible for the company's 45 member choir, teaches traditional Garifuna songs, instruments and Garifuna Language.

2005- 2011 Habinahan Garinagu ( Dance Garifuna) 
Music Director, responsibilities include facilitating Garifuna Retrieval Programs in Belize with National Garifuna Council.

2011- 2014  YUGACURE 
YU    Yurumein  (St.Vincent and the Grenadines) 
GA.  Garifuna 
CU.   Cultural 
RE.    Retrieval 
Musical Director, responsible for over 180 children, young adults and adults, teaching Traditional Garifuna songs, Drums and Garifuna History.

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